The vision of Snitsla Design is to enlighten and inspire people to make better choices in how to manage time and consume sustainably.

To share good examples from around the world!


This set of pans was the trigger for me to start thinking about quality.

We had had a set for more than a decade. When we needed a new we bought a set of the same brand. But - after a few days -  the handle broke, and the handle attachment fell off the pan.

Poor product specification, low material knowledge and the pressure to always lower products costs had taken its toll on product quality.

This made me think. - What can I do to help myself and others to live and consume in a more sustainable manner?


The mission of Snitsla Design is to engage in and find ways to produce everyday products with quality and care. 

Competition is healthy, but it can also put pressure on cost savings which leads to deteriorating quality.

Snitsla Design wants to identify products where cost reductions have made significantly inferior products. The mission is to make changes to more sustainable solution.

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