• Kersti Kempe

Quality and Sustainability

Updated: May 16, 2018

This set of sause pans made be start to think and wanting to make changes in the way we purchase products and put demands on the producers. We can't just ignore the fact that low and bad quality is a treat to a sustainable world.

I had had a similar set for a decade. Eventually it was worn out and that was OK. I bought a new set of a similar brand. Guess my disappointment when it broke and became useless after just a week.

1. The material in the handle was to week so when lifting 1 l of water the handle was bend and could not be used anymore.

2. The attachment where the handle is placed fell of the big pan so now the big pan was useless as well as it is difficult to lift boiling water without the handle.

So why did this happen? I would guess because of price pressure and ignorance to material knowledge. The purchaser is demanding lowest possible price not mAking the correct specifications. And you get what you ask for. Rubbish!

So, the purchaser has to understand what the product has to stand up against and has to specify what the product is aimed to manage. Instead of demanding lowest price possible has to ask for the best price against specification and show the customer the lifetime cost instead of the once off cost.

That is a major difference and how we build a sustainable lifestyle.

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