• Kersti Kempe

Pay it Forward

There are som many small things we can do to creat happiness and joy for each other and sometimes make life easier. It has not to be a huge effort, even small actions count.

I had borrowed a trailer for my car in order remove waste from the garden. I knew my closest neighbor had cut their hedge and a couple of plastic bag with leaves and branches were left in the garden. I still had room in the trailer so I took them as well. Guess how happy they got when coming home in the evening.

Some other neighbors have small kids and mine are now grown up. I remember how busy I was when the kids were small and how difficult it was to go shopping having te kids along. So - I offer to have the kids with me for an hour or so when they go shopping. Or having dinner with the partner all alone.

So the next time I have run out of eggs or suger or whatever when cooking, I have no problems to lend some from a neighbour.

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