• Kersti Kempe

OLD to me but NEW to someone else

I must admit that I feel very HAPPY and SATISFIED after yesterdays mission.

I spent 6 hours in a field with a lot of people who wanted to sell and buy. I packed the car full with grownout clothes, shoes, technical shelf warmers and met with people who needed them, wanted them or just loved bargaining. Some had to pay more and did so, and others were given some extras for free if I felt they needed it. Most important for me is that all thing that are still in good condition are used and not thrown away and that I can get them out of the house. Things that are not in use bothers me as they take up space and for med - Peace.

Without a lot of things not in use I feel more mindful and happy.

So I will definitely sell at a flea market again - very soon I think.

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