• Kersti Kempe

Is Snitsla Go sustainable?

Updated: May 16, 2018

What has a Bento Lunch box to do with sustainable living?

It is not the BENTO BOX itself being my reason why, but it is a good start to gather people with interest in life and sustainability. I have other products in mind that I want to develop and produce sustainably. To succeed I need a larger market than Sweden can offer, and I want to reach consumers directly.

So Snitsla GO – my Bento Box I a good start towards my goals of offering sustainable products.

How is a Bento Box sustainable?

- Make use of leftover food. Saves money and time

- The size of the box helps with portion control – by eating less we improve our health

- 2 containers and a divider makes it possible to bring both food and fruit for snacks. - Eating more fruit or nuts will lower the need for sweets to survive before dinner.

- The boxes are of high quality enabling them to be used for a long time.

- Well maintained they will save money and waste as they are reusable over time.

Quality, Function and Joy – in everyday life -

towards a sustainable living!

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