• Kersti Kempe

FOOD WASTE - how can we reduce it?

We have some splendid new business ideas up and running in Sweden in order to reduce the amount of food that is being thrown away every day and make life easier for ourselves

KARMA - save the food. Offers from restaurants well made and healthy food in take away boxes from to half the normal price when picked up by your self - upon availability.

MATSMART - Offers food with reduced shelflife or damaged or changed packaging that can not be sold normally.

MIDDAGSFRID - Offers preplanned and ready packed dinnerbags that you cook yourself. Delivered to your door


GAZPACHO - I had a lot of leftovers of hacked tomatoes, cucumbers and onions from yesterdays TACO meal. I mixed it with some garlic, chili, and more tomatoes and had a wonderful Gazpacho for lunch. So easy and tasty!

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