Bring Your Firewood

Snitsla Carrywood- a canvas tote bag for indoors or outdoor fires with style

Snitsla Carrywood is a high quality canvas bag that helps you carry all the wood or logs you need for your fire


It is steardy, of high quality, and very versatile.


PRO:  Lightweight, versatle for both short logs as well as long branches




High Quality and Nice looking

High Quality and Nice looking - Long lasting and versatile . I can't be better.

Bring wood from the garden to your indoor stove. Use the pockets to bring gloves or other accessories when out on a campfire. Sit on, use as a swing, cover the wood during night. Versatile


Easy to carry - both long and short distances

It has a padded short handle if you prefere to carry in your hand. The padded handle gives comfort.

If it becomes to heavy you can carry the bag over your shoulder with the long straps. Easy and convenient.

Pockets on both sides are perfect for bringing paper to aid the fire, a knife fire accessoiries or a thermos with coffe. Just as you like.

There is not just one solution. It all depends on who you are and how you live.

Are you on your own or do you cook for a family as well?


  • If you cook dinner every day.  Cook a little extra and place it in your lunch box before you all start to eat so you know there will be lunch left for you.

  • Take an hour on sunday afternoon and prepare the number of lunches you need for the coming week. With just a few basic ingredients you can make different combinations and veggie meals. Tasty vegetarian

  • Always bring some extra fruit or nuts for your way home to avoid the cravings that comes when tired.

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