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Health and Recreation

It is so easy to say that we don't have the time. No time to take care of yourself and our health. But the truth is - we have a lot of time. The question is how we use it and how we prioritize. Being in good shape will make it easier to overcome periods of stress or sickness. Let´s find solutions for how to make it work.


We are what we eat. How, when and what do we eat and how can we manage to live a more healthy life? A lot comes back to proper planning. By planning what to eat before being too hungry, will keep our spirits alive and we will have energy left when at home after a day at work.


Founder and CEO
Kersti Kempe
Family and Friends

I am a chemical engineer by education, and I have worked for many years in large industrial chemicals businesses. In 2002 I left the corporate world and started my own business. In 2017 I started my new company SNITSLA, with the aim to live and act more sustainably.

Fun and Freetime
Needs and Consumtion

Mindfulness - We need to empty our busy heads and reflect upon where we are and what we do. We need to laugh. We need to relax, and we need to do more of what we enjoy. Energy will come and make everything else easier.

We work to afford our lifestyle, but we don't have the time to do what we want. Very often we buy things without really reflecting upon if we need it or not. And in the end, we don't know what to do with everything we have. Maybe we can rent or borrow instead of buying. And most important - buy quality - it matters!


The Swedish company Snitsla was founded in 2017.

The reason was frustration and concern about how we use and misuse our world's resources.


 SNITSLA is a Swedish word mainly used by orienteers and means " Marking the Way."

- Marking the way to make it easier to go from point A to point B. And this is just what Snitsla is about to do.  Highlighting efforts and experiences of others and mark / snitsla the way for you.


It may sound overwhelming, but I strongly believe that if we learn from each other and follow good examples, we will move in the right direction.


A balance in life is vital for a healthy living. A balance between the professional and private side. We need Family and Friends as well as time for Recreation to care for our health. We need to think of what and how we Eat and that we give ourselves a chance for Recovery.  

We need to evaluate how and what we Consume and if we can do differently.


These are areas I will cover on my way forward to a Sustainable living.

As well as we need our professional life, we need family and friends around us. Someone who listens to us, someone we listen to.  As a mother of four beautiful children, I have enjoyed every minute, but a proper planning is necessary to manage both work as well as other engagements.

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